How to logon to unmundo using x2go in browser

If you connect from a linux client, you can connect using a browser plugin. Note that you will have to download and install plugin before connecting.

Example connecting from a pc where I have booted pc from memory stick with ubuntu linux:

1. Download plugin before connecting:

Go to ubuntu Software center and search for X2go client:

Ubuntu Software Center_008

2. Install plugin and open browser to connect

3. Navigate to page to connect

4. Choose activate plugin when asked

5. Example logon


6. Change settings if needed choosing settings in menu

See help x2go client install for information about configuration settings.

7. Detach x2go window from browser after startup

There is a problem with keyboard trying to run applications from within the browser. To get around this problem, you can choose to detach X2go window. You will then be able to use keyboard for example using openoffice.



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