Create logon encryption key

Logon with encryption certificate.

SSH logon with encryption certificate is recommended for different reasons. See for example

Example creating encryption certificate using Seahorse.

Note that there are some problems in solution using encryption certificate to logon. Sound is for example not working .

1. After logon, navigate to Accessories and choose program “Passwords and encryption keys”:














2. Press button New and choose “Secure shell key, press continue”











3. Enter key description, encryption type and key strength and choose “Just Create key”










4. Enter secure key password







When you press ok, two files will be created under the .ssh directory in users homedir. The following two files:


5. On client, connect with sftp to fetch file to client

Fetch file id_rsa to directory on client and delete on server. Rename file to name authorized_keys. Rename file id_rsa to some other name if you would like on client:

















6. Finally, include key in x2go setup to start using key















Verify that key is used during logon. One should get the question “Enter passphrase to decrypt at key” during logon if key is used.


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