Linux x2go cloud remote desktop cloud pc has been deactivated at the moment. Hence no new users are accepted. is a shared desktop environment where you can register yourself to get your own virtual desktop user and cloud pc. After registration, you can log into your cloud computer and use installed programs. Solution is based on freeware and opensource with Fedora linux and is free to use. Before using solution you will have to download and setup x2goclient.

After creating your user, you will get a small userspace, but solution does not offer user data backup, so it is recommended to use some external cloud or local storage for permanent storage. See link concerning how to mount local disk or cloud disk during logon.

The solution is planned to grow with new servers depending on use.

After logon you can use installed programs, but you cannot install new programs. New programs will however be added continuously depending on use and user feedback.

The purpose of this solution is to create a share solution where users have access to linux programs without having to install programs locally on client, to provide a solution for sharing resources, and to be able to use solution with limited client resources. Further that the user shall not have to worry about server administration, maintenance, upgrades, installations, security etc..

Looking for collaboration to develop idea further.

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